Jonathan Z...out of discrimination comes inspiration!

Last summer, Jonathan Zeng made national headlines in Cincinnati, Ohio after being rejected from a music teaching position because he is gay. Out of that discrimination came inspiration, Jonathan was inspired to write his own music for the first time. The award winning performer and music educator has now released 3 songs on iTunes for his new EP, Through These Doors. To bring together his community of supporters and raise funds to complete the album,  Jonathan has now ventured into the world of crowd-funding and launched a Kickstarter Campaign. Fans can support the completion of Jonathan's debut EP, Through These Doors by backing the album before Saturday, May 18th at 4:15pm EDT.

In a world of countless singer songwriters, Jonathan Z's impeccably trained voice, piano accompaniment, and provocative lyrics combine to forge an innovative path. Jonathan Z, a professional vocalist and theatrical performer, was inspired to write his own music for the first time after being rejected from a job because he is gay.

Jonathan has performed throughout the United States with companies such as the Cincinnati Opera, Central City Opera, Tulsa Opera, Opera Memphis, Utah Festival Opera, Opera Illinois, Muddy River Opera, the Michigan Opera Academy, the Janiec Opera Company at the Brevard Music Center, CCM Opera, and Western Illinois University Opera Theatre. He has appeared as a soloist with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, the Utah Festival Opera Orchestra, the CCM Philharmonia, the CCM Concert Orchestra, and the Western Illinois University Symphony Orchestra.

Jonathan Z is an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights and writes about LGBT equality & the arts as a Huffington Post blogger. His music carries a hope for a more just and equitable future for all.

Jonathan Z says "During difficult times in my life, I have always turned to music. This time, for the first time, I was inspired to write and perform my own music. After personally experiencing discrimination, I hope that my music will help others who face similar situations. I am thankful to live in the great city of Cincinnati, surrounded by loving people and a community that has embraced me. Together, I hope we can get beyond the small minded place of prejudice and become a people that believes in true diversity and inclusion. With love, all things are possible." 


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