The Appleseed Cast Tonight at tSGHR!

Tonight, Southgate House Revival is lucky to have The Appleseed Cast stopping by in the Sanctuary. This Kansas-based post-rock band has been active since 1997 and is widely considered one of the forefathers of the instrumental-heavy, emo post rock genre, having come to the game two years before contemporaries Explosions In The Sky.  The Appleseed Cast's 2001 album Low Level Owl received rave reviews from magazines - including Pitchfork, which gave it an uncharacteristically high 9.0.


Since then, The Appleseed Cast has weathered the storm that being a band with longeveity includes - member changes with every new album, label joined and labels left, and an evolution of sound. Today, they're still putting out great, emotive ambient post-rock music and are due to release their 8th full-length album, titled Illumination Ritual, on April 23 via Graveface Records. 


If you're familiar with the band, you know that they always put on a show worth standing front row for.  But if you're yet to get into them and need a primer, check out the video below to get an idea of what you can expect at tonight's show:


Here's what to know before you go:

  • In 1997, when the band was formed, they originally called themselves "December's Tragic Drive", from the lyrics of a Sunny Day Real Estate Song.
  • Two members of the original lineup remain to this day -- guitarist/vocalist Christopher Crisci and bassist Nathan Whitman. The rest of the lineup currently includes guitarist Taylor Holenbeck (who plays with Crisci in another project called Old Canes) and drummer Nathan Wilder. You'll see Wilder play twice tonight - he also drums for opening band Muscle Worship.
  • The lyrics for Illumination Ritual were written over the course of three nights, between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.
  • Guitarist Crisci isn't just a master of playing his instrument, he's also quite good at making them. You can order custom guitars from his website
  • The Appleseed Cast's new material, which is sure to be a focal point of tonight's show, has been described as more "light" and "energetic" by not only the band, but by album reviewers as well. Based on the track that premiered on, "Great Lake Derelict", I have to agree.