Review: Josh Ritter at The Taft Theatre

Photo Courtesy of KP Photography

Last night Josh Ritter played The Taft Theater with Sea Wolf. It was such an amazing evening. 

Josh Ritter opened at The Taft Theater with "Idaho" with just him and a guitar. You could hear a pin drop. The hall echoed, and it was beautiful.

Ritter exclaimed, "I love being here. People don't give it the romantic credit it deserves. The weather coming across the river…"

It was a crowd of all ages even some children. The Crowd stood, clapped, yelled and sang along for "Lillian Egypt". The audience welcomed a new song, "Joy to You Baby". During the song, "Wolves" people were all standing and the energy was high! Mid song he even ditched the microphone! “Change the Time” brought tears to the eyes, and “Good Man” brought about dancing and people screaming the words in unison.

Ritter could easily be describes as the happiest singer/songwriter ever! He just couldn't stop smiling and jumping and thanking the crowd. "This is really fun," Josh stated at a point in the evening with an answer from a woman in the crowd, "Marry me!" To which Josh said, "Now we're getting somewhere!"

Ritter was hilarious all evening, "You have an aquarium in the middle of the country no one’s going to tell you no." He even made up some facts about the Taft, "The Ohio River, the 9th longest in the country. It seems a good place to find a 900 year old building.”

The night ended with 2 encores. "Lights" was slow, quiet and magical while, "To the Dogs or Whoever" was fast, fun and loud. The audience erupted into frenzy for this song. Ritter and the guitarist were rocking out on their knees.

Before exiting the stage, Ritter exclaimed, "Thank you to this amazing place! Rock and roll!"  Thank you, Josh! We can’t wait for you to visit again.

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