Interview: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

"My name is Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

I sing and write songs. I'm a dog man with a good plan and two hands.”


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is refreshing, optimistic and modest. “I love Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Feist, Souls of Mischief and Mason Jennings,” declares Michael. His favorite lyric of all time is from Paul Simon’s Graceland album "My traveling companion is nine years old, he is the child of my first marriage.” (As a young boy, Michael and his mom used to dance to Graceland.)

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald “MBF” has a simple goal - to pursue his craft as honestly as possible - devoid of smoke and mirrors. Positively uplifting.


Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has been on my constant replay for weeks. I get sent music all the time and most of it is good, but this is infectious. It puts a smile on my face. I got to speak with the up and coming Michael Bernard Fitzgerald recently about family, death metal and girls...


What's your first musical memory?
Sitting on the front porch of the house my mom and I lived in with a kids guitar and a blue jays cap on. I was three years old, and I doubt the guitar was close to being in tune. 


How would you describe your style, or styles?

 Musically speaking? Death metal/gospel

What were you writing about when you started? How has that evolved? What experiences did you draw from in the past? And now? Where do you see yourself evolving?

 I think in the beginning it was all about girls, still is though I hide it better now. My writing has evolved a lot over the years and I can only imagine that will continue. I couldn't tell you where it will go, kind of just goes with the flow. 

Do you write a lot? Where do you find your inspiration? Do you schedule time or just write when the feeling hits you?

Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes I'll go a whole without writing. I don't schedule it, unless I'm working with someone in the studio. I try to just write down what comes to me. 

What's been you biggest moment so far? The time when you felt like this is why I do this?

 Played a hometown show march 23 and it definitely was a reminder that we're on the right track. Was also a reminder that I'm surrounded by great people. 

What advice do you have for an artist just starting out?

 Always have fun.