Sara Watkins will fiddle her way into your heart Tonight

Sara Watkins is a singer-songwriter and fiddler.  You may know her from the progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek that consisted of Sara, her brother Sean Watkins and Chris Thile.  Sara also plays the guitar, ukulele and played percussion while on tour with The Decemberists.

Sara’s 2nd solo album, Sun Midnight Sun is being released May 8th on Nonesuch Records. The album features guest appearances by Fiona Apple, Jason Browne, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) and Sean Watkins. 

Sara and her brother Sean Watkins host the popular Watkins Family Hour, a monthly musical residency at Largo at the Coronet in L.A. You never know who is going to show up and play. The shows are available as a podcast on The Nerdist network for those of us not able to make to Largo each month.

Sara has the voice of an angel and plays that fiddle like it’s the last day on earth. Make sure not to miss her tonight at 20th Century Theatre