Models, Bands and Booze at Whisky Bar Tomorrow!

The 7th annual Rock the Runway hits the stage at Whisky Bar Saturday. Models walk the runway while your favorite local bands rock out. 

What bands get the honor of rocking the runway?

Chakras, a hard-rock band that incorporates elements of pop, metal, prog and punk to create a memorable, unique sound that remains accessible to the listener. Chakras are a Cincinnati favorite, nominated 3x's for the CEA's!

Atlantis Becoming plans on delivering an epic performance that will wash away the dust from your souls. Through thick guitar riffs, powering rhythms and harmonious vocals, the band exhibits a story of hope through adversity.

Second Chance at Eden is beyond the idea of simply saying that they are unique.  They have the ability to not put themselves in a box, never sounding forced, and being musical vagabonds makes what they do catchy and deep. 

This event is hosted (LIVE) by 96Rock and styled by Fringe Salon and Frank Pistachio clothing.

This event will sell out! Get your tickets today here. Don't miss your chance to mingle with the pretty people in Cincinnati!


Whisky Bar
Rock the Runway
5p doors / 8p show