Help bring Reggie and the Full Effect back from the dead!

James Dewees has written an album for his solo project Reggie and the Full Effect, while overhearing conversations of aspiring 20 somethings from his North Hollywood apartment patio. Dewees wrote about how he cant relate to any of the things they talk about. Dewees is now with songs in hand, and keyboard in tow. He plans to enter the studio and record the 6th Reggie and the Full Effect record, and then tour the living hell out of it.


Dewees has played keyboards for the likes of The Get Up Kids, Coalesce, My Chemical Romance and New Found Glory. Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids and The New Amsterdams) and Dewees have been doing a weekly podcast called "Tuesdays With Reggie". In the podcast, they discuss topics ranging from James's drug addiction, rehab and the end of Reggie in 2008 to a potential sixth studio album, tentatively titled "No Country For Old Musicians".


A kickstarter campaign of the same name, "No Country For Old Musicians" has been established in order to help Dewees record, release, and tour on the first new Reggie record in five years.


Are you a fan, a fellow musician? Go and drop James Dewees some bones so he can get out of that North Hollywood apartment and get on the road!