Margaret Darling / Billy Wallace at Arnold's Tonight

Former tour mates Margaret Darling and Billy Wallace will share the stage once more when they reunite at Arnold’s Bar and Grill on January 25th. Each will play a set, followed by a third that will mix elements of both acts.

Gearing up for her annual tour down to SXSW and back with The Seedy Seeds, Margaret first appears in her pared-down and powerfully understated solo project. A departure from the more saturated sounds of The Seedy Seeds, Darling indulges her passion for creating carefully curated, melodic poetry, accompanied by haunting harmonies—an evocative experience that draws her listeners in. Her songs recall aspects of myth and dream, and yet all seem relative to the present, human experience.

Darling, most known as a member of celebrated Cincinnati pop titans, The Seedy Seeds—who are up for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for the sixth-consecutive year—concedes that her solo work had taken a backseat to her Seedy Seeds undertakings. “We’ve been working on some ambitious ideas for the past year-and-a-half or so, and I’ve just not physically had the time to devote to anything outside of the realm of The Seedy Seeds,” Darling said, “but I kind of came back to this solo material over the holidays. I’m pretty much obsessed with the idea of fleshing the songs out entirely over performances on stage with the ultimate goal of getting into the studio and putting out a debut record. I’m especially excited to be doing this show with Billy.”

Billy Wallace, recently returned from a fall tour culminating in a record release show, delivers Dylan-esque tunes with his own captivating style and stage presence. Another lyrically focused musician, Wallace spins tales of love gone wrong and road-weary woe with a mix of humor and passion that keep it from becoming maudlin or pedantic. Blending country, rock, blues, and jazz, and wielding harmonica and guitar with an easy efficacy, Billy is joined by his backing band, the ever-changing Virginia Blues.

So come out and enjoy Margaret Darling with Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues at Arnold’s Bar and Grill Tonight! Cover-free Friday night music begins at 9:00 P.M. in the comfortably heated confines of the back patio at Arnold’s Bar and Grill, a Cincinnati staple for food and fine music.


Who: Margaret Darling (of The Seedy Seeds) with Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues
Where: Arnold’s Bar and Grill
When: January 25, 2013; 9:00 P.M.; Free Show