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Interview: G. Love

Philly native G. Love is best known for his sloppy, hip-hop/blues infusion that helped define a genre.  Personally, I have seen G. Love and Special Sauce play over a dozen times. It's an experience in itself. You will leave the show with a few new best friends and a restored faith in humanity. 

G. Love has had a prolific musical career spanning over 19 years. He has released nine group albums and three solo albums. G. Love and Special Sauce tour often with Jack Johnson and are signed to his record label, Brushfire Records. G. Love has also made appearances on the records of artists such as Slightly Stoopid and Donavon Frankenreiter. You may have seen them on tour with Dave Matthews as well. In 2010, G. Love and Special Sauce joined forces with The Avett Brothers who produced and are featured on the newest album "Fixin' to Die". The album was released under the Brushfire label on February of 2011. This album showcased G. Love's love of back road blues. 

It was an honor to sit down with G. Love for a candid conversation.


CM:Tell me how you came up with your band name?

GL: A lot of my friends called me G from back in the day. I started as a street performer making my way into the coffee house circuit in Philly, Saratoga Springs and Boston. I wanted a stage name such as KRS1 and I always wanted a band called special sauce. A record company that wanted to sign us wanted us to change the name. Said the name G Love and Special Sauce would not go over well. And maybe that is true, when we started out people either loved it or hated it, but it’s who we are.


CM: Favorite environment to play? You've played them all...

GL: It’s not about the type of venue or event you play, but more about the vibe that happens. I remember playing Sudsy Malone’s and people were doing their laundry and shit but the vibe was great. We’ve played Bogart’s too across the street and had a great time. We have played many different types of festivals, venues and events and I really can say it is all about the vibe.


CM: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

GL: My biggest influences are John Hammond and Bob Dylan. Funny you should ask that, I had dinner with John Hammond and his wife last night. John and I have really developed a great friendship over the years. I even had the wonderful honor of producing his 30th record, “Push Comes to Shove”. Dylan is a mystery and keeps to himself but it’s nice that I get to have a relationship with John Hammond, someone I respect so much and I would hope to think he thinks the same of me. 


CM: What is your guilty pleasure musically? 

GL: <Laughs> Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA". Plus you gotta love Rhianna, what a voice.  Also, how can you not love Taylor Swift’s song, “We are never ever getting back together”. It’s so raw and simple. She wrote that and it’s just her. Not that I listen to these on my own, I don’t seek it out but when I am around and they are on, I can respect it. 


CM: Advice for local bands?

GL: Be original and hustle. Back when I started I would post our stickers all over town and even graffiti our name on places. Now you got to do the same thing but with social media, facebook and Twitter. But most of all be yourself, be original and work your ass off.


G. Love and Special Sauce are hitting the 20th Century Theater this Wednesday January  9th with Swear and Shake. You can still enter for your shot at a pair of tickets here



Swear and Shake & Tumbleweed Wanderers Tonight! 

Swear and Shake are; Adam McHeffey (vocals, guitar and banjo), Ben Goldstein (drums), Shaun Savage (electSwear and Shakeric bass), and Kari Spieler (vocals and guitar). Listening to Swear and Shake is like making a new best friend. It's new, exciting and you will feel as you have been friends...