Heartless Bastards Homecoming Tonight & Tomorrow

Heartless Bastards treat us to back to back shows at The Southgate House Revival this weekend! The raw rock and roll, blues band played their first show back in 2003 at The Comet. Just a year later, they were signed to Fat Possum Records where they would create three amazing albums. Now with Partisan Records, the band has released a fourth album to rave reviews. Lead singer and guitar goddess, Erica Wennerstrom stated in Billboard Magazine about the album, “I feel like this is the strongest record I’ve ever done. I feel like playing with these guys, us all being so connected, really helped make it so fully realized. I’m really, really happy with it.” 

Erica has the voice of a soul rocker, the perfect mix of Glace Slick and Janis Joplin, but all her own. To watch the Heartless Bastards takes you to a place to a time in which you feel as if you are discovering music again. Remember that time in middle school when you started to understand how music made you feel? That is how it feels to be at a Heartless Bastards show. The band may have moved to Austin, Texas but they will forever be one of our favorite Cincinnati bands. Fans will fondly remember the Dave Letterman performance in which Dave walked over at the end of their performance and asked, "You're from Austin?" Both Erika Wennerstrom and bassist Jesse Ebaugh corrected him by saying, "We're from Cincinnati."

I hope you can join the band for one or both of their homecoming shows this weekend at The Southgate House Revival. Saturday has already sold out, so hurry and get your Friday ticket if you haven't already! After this weekend, the band is being whisked away to a European tour followed by the West Coast. To see The Heartless Bastards live with all of their loyal followers is a treat not to be missed.

The Southgate House Revival
Heartless Bastards w/Dead Confederate
Friday & Saturday 8p Doors / 9p Show
Get your ticket HERE!