Killer Star Effect :: Saturday at Molly Malones

More time is spent with your bandmates than with friends and family. How do band members pick each other? I recently spoke with Killer Star Effect on how they became their own little family. Each member had their own story to share about how the band was born. However Tom, Eric, Lena and Rick all ended their stories about the same, terribly excited about their union of Killer Star Effect.


Tom and Eric met in 2000 through Eric’s brother, Carl. The 3 would get together in Carl’s basement under the name Das Pu Chen. They played a few shows before packing it up but the magic between them would inspire the future. Tom and Rick met in 2002, at that time, Tom was in the band Paperback, while Rick was in Super 77. Both bands owned the Tuesday night slot at Sudsy Malones. Tom played out in a few bands but mostly concentrated on his local music program at WAIF. During Tom’s hiatus he saw Rick play out at The Old Southgate House in the band, The PollyEsters playing an Afghan Whigs tribute show. Tom mentioned to Rick how much he was impressed by their take of the Whigs song they played. Some time after, Rick asked Tom to audition for The PollyEsters. Tom went to the audition, nailed it, the band Killer Star Effect was being born that night.


Eric has been in love with music for as long as he can remember. His mom went to concerts with Eric in the womb and his dad was a drummer. In 7th grade he got his first Thunder Drum set and with the help of his dad, learned how to keep the 2-4 beat, jazz shuffle and some rolls. From there Eric took to learning to play by ear and in the early days was able to master every Led Zeppelin song (!). Eric says, "Loving something from all styles is my attitude for music and the best way to learn an experience the most! Possibilities are endless with music!" Loving all types of music. Eric has been in various bands over the years. After about a decade after Das Pu Chen, Eric received a call from Tom about an audition for The PollyEsters. The song “Stars” is what intrigued Eric to audition. Upon that first audition, they gelled immediately!


Lena has been singing her whole life. She watched her friends join bands, never herself having the confidence to give it a shot. All the while she would be in her room writing and singing songs. Lena graduated from Ohio University in Audio Production, moved to Chicago and worked with various bands (production). Lena moved to Cincinnati in 2008 with her family, was laid off from her job in 2009 and reached a breaking point. Lena decided she was to finally going to do what she had always wanted to do, join a band. She dug through the musician postings (Citybeat) and found one stating, "Sounds like the Ramones and the Pixies had a street fight". In a shady warehouse in Cincinnati, Lena auditioned for The PollyEsters and got the gig. When Tom and Eric auditioned, she knew the minute they started playing, it was kismet.


The PollyEsters were falling apart when Lena came around. Rick liked that Lena was unknown and had never sang in a band before. Rick and Tom had known each other for a long time but Rick was not convinced they would mesh in a band together. Being as the only band having in common was the Dead Kennedy’s. Rick states about the first audition, “It was funny, those guys were playing the songs better on our 1st practice then the 2 month's we were working on them and we knew it was magic.” Rick knew then that his band had reincarnated into a new band, which was soon be named Killer Star Effect.

Killer Star Effect have rocked out shows, filmed a number of videos, posed for some photo shoots, recorded an EP and recently finished the album, Crash the Ball. What is another one of their proudest accomplishments?  Bringing the drink the Tom Collins back...move over PBR! But most of all Killer Star Effect is all about friends, family, fans and good times.

Come out to Molly Malones Saturday and get to know yourselves my new friends, Killer Star Effect! Supporting bands are Switchblade Syndicate, Kissing Daylight and Total Dudes! Doors at 8p, Can't wait to hang out!