Devout Wax :: Every Tuesday at tSGHR

The Southgate House Revival will host DEVOUT WAX, a free, weekly vinyl record appreciation night, Tuesdays from 8 P.M.–1:30 A.M., in the Lounge. DEVOUT WAX will be DJ’d by Margaret Darling (of The Seedy Seeds) and Jonathan Goolsby (host of WVQC's "Salina Underground" radio program).

DEVOUT WAX will feature two curated, eclectic DJ sets by Darling and Goolsby, approximately 1 1/2 hours of spin-by-request time in which attendees will have an opportunity to bring their own records and play them, and a 30-minute local interest block, featuring records by Cincinnati artists and regional acts.          

"We're encouraging a more interactive vinyl experience with our audience-centered format," said Goolsby. "Records are a hands-on medium—you have to turn the record over, you can't program in the next track, the clicks and pops are exquisite imperfections that ground the listener in the sound. We want to foster a relaxed environment that encourages people to bring their friends and their records from home, and explore the various soundscapes in a community setting. No genre will be excluded. If people bring Johnny Cash, they'll get Johnny Cash. If they bring Chopin, we'll spin Chopin. The point is to enjoy the music and promote lively discussion."         

"Tuesday night at the old Southgate House was karaoke night. For the Southgate House Revival, we wanted to switch things up," asserted Morrella Raleigh. "Karaoke nights are common. We wanted to do something fresh, and give Cincinnati's music and social scene a unique destination on Tuesday nights. We're excited to be hosting DEVOUT WAX."           

"The local-only block is going to be particularly interesting," Goolsby said. "Margaret and I look forward to encouraging listeners, who might not otherwise be local music scholars, to come out and hear homegrown talent. The Tristate's music scene is truly first-class. We hope local artists and bands will come out, bring their vinyl, and help us to support their endeavors."