Stars play 20th Century Theatre this Wednesday

Since 2001, Stars have released over a dozen albums/EP's of creative, intelligent masterpieces.  The most recent being The North, released on September 4th (2012). Stars is a Canadian band made up of Torquil Campbell, Amy Millan, Evan Cranley, Chris Seligman and Pat McGee. Stars was one of the first bands to make their album available digitally in July 2007 (thank you for blazing that trail!).  I would describe Stars sound as transient indie pop. To listen to a Stars album, you are taken to another level of your own existence. Each song has a story to tell and you will never get enough of the soft, sweet vocals of Amy Millan. Stars have been featured on numerous television shows such as The O.C., Vampire Diaries, Queer as Folk, Chuck, Degrassi and Gossip Girl. 

Stars is gracing Cincinnati with their sound Wednesday October 3rd at The 20th Century. If you do not have your tickets yet, get them here!

You cans till enter to win a pair of tickets HERE!