IRONFEST 3 Schedule Released!

Ironfest 3 will take place at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3. Friends of “Iron” Mike Davidson have been throwing this festival each year in his honor. The proceeds will be put into a CD for Mike's daughter. $2 from each ticket will be given to Jason May's family to help cover similair unexpected expenses. Tickets are only $5 and music starts at 7:00 each night.

Friday, November 2:
Doors 7:00pm

8:00 Dead August
9:15 DC Project
10:30 Rising Shotgun
11:45 Smoke Signals...
12:30 A Juliet Bender

Revival Room:
8:15 Total Dudes
9:05 Chiva Knievel
10:00 Arlo McKinly and the Lonesome Sound
11:00 Jeremy Pinnell and the 55's 
12:00 Vito Emmanuel

Main Room:
8:30 Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues
9:15 The New Void
10:00 Goddamned Gravity
10:45 The Shanks 
11:30 Switchblade Syndicate
12:15 State Song
1:00 Mad Anthony 

Saturday, November 3:
Doors 7:00pm

8:00 The Andyman Hopkins Band
9:00 Sticky Honey
10:00 Buenos Crotches
10:50 The Perfect Children 
11:45 Martin Luther and the Kings
12:30 The Mudpies

Revival Room:
8:15 Kelly Steward and the Restless Kind
9:15 SHIVS
10:10 The Sound Museum
11:05 500 Miles To Memphis
12:00 The Tammy Whynots

Main Room:
8:30 Another Tragedy
9:15 Queen City Radio
10:00 Unsinkable Mollly Brown
10:45 Red Soul Rising (R.S.R.)
11:30 Honeyspiders
12:15 Moonbow
1:00 The Dopamines