Chords For Chiari Benefit

Come join us to support the awareness of the condition of Chiari Malformation at Northside Tavern this Saturday! Music from Emily and the Complexes, A Starboard Mine, Calamity Days,  a silent auction and split the pot at your favorite bar on Saturday Sept 8th! 

Chiari Malformation occurs in approximately 1 in 1,000 people (300,000 people in the US), causing debilitating headaches, neck pain, weakness and numbness in the limbs, balance problems, visual disturbances, and a host of other symptoms. Children cannot always verbalize what they are feeling, sometimes the first clue is lack of proper development, either physically or cognitively.  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Neurosurgery Research Department needs YOUR support in their groundbreaking efforts in diagnosing and treating this condition.

Northside Tavern
Saturday September 8th @8:30p
Emily and the Complexes
A Starboard Mine
We are Snapdragon
Calamity Days
$5 (for door, bring more cash for the cause!) 



Our Weekend Picks :: September 7, 2012 

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