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The Temper Trap: An Interview with Toby Dundas

The Temper Trap have had an amazing run so far. The band sprinted towards the top of the charts with their calling card 'Sweet Disposition'. That single, propelled by numerous commercials, movies and TV shows, from the album, Conditions, went on to climb the charts in the U.S., Europe and Australia beginning the start of an international career.

The Australian indie rock band is hitting the stage of The Madison Theater this Wednesday! Their most recent self-titled album dropped in May 2012 and the track “Trembling Hands” has become an instant rock ballad smash hit. The Temper Trap is Dougy Mandagi, Jonathon Aherne, Toby Dundas, Lorenzo Sillitto and Joseph Greer. Widely recognized for their mesmerizing live performances, Temper Trap will also return to Lollapalooza this year to play on Saturday, August 4 th!

The Temper Trap has been invited to stop by YouTube Presents on August 6th for a very special performance that will be streaming live starting 4pm ET that day. They will answer fan questions and perform songs from their latest album. Submit questions to The Temper Trap’s YouTube channel or via Twitter and Google+ with the hashtag #AskTheTemperTrap.

I got a chance to ask Toby Dundas my own questions this week. Ladies and gentlemen, his accent is heavenly.

Q: Who are your musical influences?
A: Radiohead and Leonard Cohen 

Q: Given the success of Conditions, what are the expectations of the newest album The Temper Trap?
A: It's difficult learning to deal with new people, new labels, living up to the expectations, but the fans seem to be enjoying it just as much as the past album and that's what is important.

Q: What kind of differences have you found in the audiences globally?
A: It's more so the cities that are more different than the countries as a whole. NYC is the toughest, we have to bring it. Some cities want a good time party while the others just want to chill. 

Q: When you are not being an international rockstar, what do you do in your spare time?
A: Skateboard, and always check out the local cuisine 

Q: Tell me a “road” story? Any fun stalkers?
A: There was this run-in while in Indonesia...some girls who turned out to be boys. 

Q: What should fans who haven't seen you yet expect to see at a live show?
A: It's different than the albums, lots of energy and passion. The production at our show is amazing and it adds a lot to the experience. 

Q: What inspired the song "Miracle" off The Temper Trap (my personal favorite)?
A: "Miracle" came from a bad time and a piano, the rest just took off from the vibe. 

Q: Advice for local bands wanting to hit it big?
A: Just practice, you usually only get one chance to make a good impression. Have a good set of songs you are proud of. 

Don't miss out as The Temper Trap plays The Madison Theater this Wednesday, August 1st! Get your tickets here.


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