April Spotlight: Archer's Paradox

Archer’s Paradox is a pop band out of Cincinnati, OH comprised of Seth Huff, Cam Nawaz, Stefan Wright, Alex Solin and Mark Wilson. Their upbeat pop synth sound can be compared to an edgier Postal Service meets Vampire Weekend but with a sound all their own. Archers Paradox will draw you in with their sharp beats and keep you with the catchy melodies. This band is about to blow up locally and beyond. A fan on facebook claims, “This is the best music I have ever heard come from Cincinnati.”

The actual definition of an archer’s paradox is, “The phenomenon that in order to strike the center of the target, the arrow must be pointed slightly to the side of the target.” However, I think this band hits the target directly on its mark.

Come check them out at The Heights Music Festival this Saturday, April 7th and find out for yourself what an amazing band this is! 

Check out Archer's Paradox on Facebook or SoundCloud.