Review: Davy Jay Sparrow

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Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers are Honky Tonk, western swing, yodeling geniuses. They are set to release the album “Olde Fashioned” on March 23rd on Bean Tone Records, which is a brand new label being started up by Andy Bean of The Two Man Gentlemen Band

As a whole this album will instantly get your toes tapping, whereas each song has a life of its own. “Honky Tonkin’ Daddy” conjures up images of roadhouses where the beer is cheap and the peanut shells belong on the floor with the sawdust. A fight will probably break out - or at least it feels like one will. “Olde Fashioned” takes you back to 1947. A time when the cowboys were gentlemen and knew what to say to the ladies to get in the saddle. “Slow Slow Boogie” will make you feel like you're in the front seat of an old convertible cruising across the desert heading to no place in particular. It's a long gone place populated by roadside diners and gas stations with no more than two pumps - the kind of places where every fill-up comes with an offer to check under the hood to make the oil levels are A-OK.

The album release show will be on March 23rd at The Bishop in Bloomington IN with Adam Lee (Kansas City, MO) and Tilford Sellers (Columbus, IN). Go get your boots shined, polish your belt buckle and be prepared the have the BEST TIME EVER!