Facebook artist apps on the decline

Photo modified from www.Reverbnation.com

According to AppData, more than 17 million artist profiles have dumped Bandpage, Reverbnation, and BandRx from their Facebook Page since switching to timeline. The main reason being that they can not set their artist profile page generated by a third party as the default page. Many artists have relied on these services for a while now as a way to showcase their music, tour dates, bio, and other critical info. Many artists have also used these pages as a way to 'fangate', or convert people into a 'like' by forcing them to like the page prior to listening to music.

The reality is that all the functionality is still there. All three of these platforms have reformatted their pages to account for the wider canvas page. The ONLY downside is that you may not use these as your default landing pages. Honestly, It's probably best. Timeline was created to showcase information to people that they will likely care about. If someone wants to listen to your band they will click on the listen tab these applications provide on the top of the page. 

Only about 10% of your fans actually visit your page, and only 16% of the people that like your page actually see your posts. I would focus on fan engagement before you start obsessing over your fan page. If your engagement increases so will your edgerank, which will push your posts higher in peoples news feeds.. which is all that really matters with content marketing. It's kind of like focusing on the music, not the album artwork. Focus on the content, not the way it is displayed.