Green Light Morning: Self-Titled EP Debut

Sometimes you find a place where musical talent just comes together to create a compelling story. That is exactly the case for the Cincinnati three-piece Green Light Morning.

The band formed when serial musicians Aaron Patrick and Aaron Bright found themselves back in the 513 with stories still to tell. Spending a year to write songs and play open mics, the two Aarons gradually developed themselves into Green Light Morning. The picture was completed by adding John Behnam on percussion and subsequently releasing their debut self-titled EP in November 2011.

The four track EP was recorded at Fidelitorioum Recording Studios in North Carolina – a place where bands like REM and Ben Folds Five got their start. The album was completed with an impressive crew backing the effort. It was mixed by Micah Wilshire whose artist list includes Mark Ballas and Honor by August. It was mastered by Brad Blackwood of Maroon 5 fame. Working with these top guns seems to have paid off for this Queen City group; their release reveals tremendous potential for such a young band.

The EP starts with, "All I Want," a melodic catch of a track. Its soul shines through with lyrics like, "You're everything I dream about, the kind of love thats talked about, I'll give you all that I can give." It is The Script meets Lifehouse meets The Fray and could easily suit a sitcom soundtrack or be a soft-rock DJ's top pick.

The second track, "One Day At A Time," has more of an alternative, country-esque feel to it. Here you see a little more angst but still positive reflections on life and remembering to take it a step at a time. The lyrics are simple yet powerful: "Keep your head up high, and let your dream fly."

"See The Light" begins slow and ambient but it's the drums that really take hold and give it that magical liftoff.

The final track brings us to a peaceful end with the acoustic track, "Means The World." This is an inspirational song that will have you pondering all of life's directions. The song relates to everyone and leaves you wanting more with the final words: "Life isn't always a melody."

Although it may be a short trip, "Green Light Morning" is definitely a journey you'll want to embark on and will surely keep you smiling. It has a collection of songs that could very well be the theme song of life.

Pick up the album on iTunes or catch Green Light Morning on January 28, 2012 at Mainstay!