Young Widows

  • progressive
  • post-hardcore

Oh, how they've come a long way. Formed in 2006, Young Widows originally drew favorable comparisons to the 90s heyday of cacophonous noise-rock. Five years and three albums later, In and Out of Youth and Lightness finds the band digging much deeper and further back for inspiration. With their sprawling post-punk blasts shining cracks of lights through pitch black neo-noir fever dreams, Young Widows have clearly become a more sinister and thought-provoking beast. Youth and Lightness was produced

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Royal Holland at Northside Yacht Club w/ Young Widows

Last year Royal Holland released his first EP “Volume One - The Maze”, which he recorded with local music great Brian Olive, and released to critical acclaim including winning the Ohio Music Award for “Best Folk Album”. He also spent a good portion of the year traveling the...