Warrick & Lowell

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The brothers Ford have always been inspired. Coming of age in an area dominated by cornfields, one is hastened to imagine a new landscape; one with more than just tassels and trestles. Robert Lowell and Jonathan Warrick Ford imagined music into that landscape. That new landscape became a storyboard for what would, in 2015, become Warrick & Lowell. A project of shared vision and familial collaboration, the two brothers have taken their different creative fabrics and begun to weave a

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Album Review: Warrick & Lowell Absinthe Nights 

Absinthe is the band’s second full-length release, and where their self-titled debut was a little rough around the edges, Warrick & Lowell have polished the songs and sound up a little bit, and developed a sound that is newer and richer, but still authentically them.

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Album Review: Warrick & Lowell 

For a few years now Warrick & Lowell have been gigging around our Queen City. Playing the Southgate House or The Crow's Nest along with playing the Whispering Beard Folk Festival, and now, finally, they have a put out an album of eight cut your teeth on country tunes. The wait is finally over and they truly make the old saying real "patience is a virtue beholden by few." They truly made it worth it.

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