The Kickback

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  • indie pop
  • indie rock
  • upbeat
  • chicago

The Kickback’s debut, Sorry All Over The Place (Jullian Records), is an invigorating 10-song collection that fuses ‘60s bubblegum sentimentality with modern indie rock’s quirky confessionals and wiry musicality. The album also represents vocalist/guitarist Billy Yost’s seven-year odyssey, as he shifted from being a small town songwriter living with his parents to writing music on his own terms, putting together an acclaimed band, and earning the respect of one of his primary

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Quiet Company at SGHR – Anything But Quiet

To be a band for over a decade and finally get noticed is at once kind of amazing, and kind of a bummer. Amazing because that’s just a damn good story – to build an audience, work hard, keep going, and make it. A bummer because, damn, a lot of people have missed out on something great. Quiet...