The Dollyrots

Kelly Ogden has always wanted to be a mermaid.   The bassist/vocalist for the Dollyrots clarifies: “Growing up in Florida, we were always at the beach, or swimming in a pool or a lake or a spring. I’ve just always felt at home in the water.”   Being suited to both land and sea has been a theme in Kelly’s life, and has been woven into the imagery and songwriting on the Dollyrots’ new album, Whiplash Splash. Being half human and half fish seems a fitting metaphor for the way the band

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The Dollyrots Headed to The Southgate House Revival 

The Dollyrots are headed to headed to The Southgate House Revival on Wednesday, March 15th!

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Interview with The Dollyrots' Kelly Ogden 

Since forming The Dollyrots over twenty years ago, Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas have perfected a blend of miscellaneous influences including girl groups, punk, and garage and crafted an upbeat, engaging sound.