Sons of Silverton

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There is a neighborhood tucked away in the eastern hills of Cincinnati called Silverton where two local hip-hop heavyweights hail. Citoak and KyleDavid may have emrged from seperate rap clans as they rose throught the proverbial ranks (Watusi, Five Deez), but fate within the Queen City is always but a sliver away and eventually brought the two lyrical forces together to form the appropiately named Sons of Silverton.   On their debut effort Or Forever Hold Your Peace, they have teamed up with

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Music Resource Center Live Music Series 

The Music Resource Center will be hosting a Live Music Series this fall!

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CincyMusic LIVE with Cincy Groove and The Women's Groovement to Benefit The Southgate House Revival 

CincyMusic, Cincy Groove, and The Women’s Groovement have teamed up for two nights of Live Streaming music from 24 amazing bands and artists to benefit The Southgate House Revival on Friday June 19th and Saturday June 20th!

New Year’s Eve Manimal Celebration 

Still looking to lock down your New Year’s Eve plans? Go ring in the New Year at the First Annual Columbia Community Center New Year's Eve Manimal Celebration!  Featuring live performances by: Mr. Dibbs : Animal CrackersBilly Catfish : Wonky TonkDJ Bombay : Dan "The Man" BargerSons of...

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