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Year in Review: Moose's Favorites 

As 2020 draws close to its end for what has been for a lot of folks a trying year, to put it mildly, there are some things about it that were great. And, in the music and arts department we were gifted with some great albums.

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Album Review: RTJ4 

RTJ4 is quite possibly the most important album for this year and for this moment we are in. The record is eleven tracks at forty-two minutes. Each track could probably stand alone, but within the album it plays like a book or a movie. The tracks are funky, and bang like in the way only RTJ can.
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Quarantunes: Via Moose 

While we have all been dealing with our quarantine however we have been dealing with it. Some of us have had to still work, and some are not and are at home trying to figure out if that table really needs to be cleaned again, I mean it’s been an hour? Music has been there for us. To keep us sane amidst a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before.

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Run the Jewels at Bunbury - And the crowd goes... 

Their latest, RTJ3, is something of a revelation. It’s a bit more palatable than their previous two efforts - no less caustic or weird - but a more straightforward interpretation of their particular brand of mischievous and playful skewering of the standard hip-hop formula. And, frankly, it has some absolute bangers.

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