Nativity Singers

From the strange musical hinterlands gave the world Slint, My Morning Jacket, and Hair Police, the Kentucky-based Nativity Singers are further proof that college towns offer fertile creative ground. The trio emerged in 2010 as a blur of jittery guitars and synths, prompting a local rag to remark, “Underneath all the clanging and shaking are tightly structured pop songs.” Later that year, the group secured a slot in the Boomslang Festival (headlined by Akron/Family), where they performed a

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Our Weekend Picks :: October 24, 2014

Each week we will highlight a few of our picks for the weekend. Some may be local, some may not, but as long as you are seeing live music in Cincinnati you are contributing! Our picks are below, but you can choose for yourself with our calendar here. (Or download our iPhone app here). Friday,...