Mild High Club

  • psychedelic
  • pop rock

It makes sense that Alexander Brettin would pick up stakes and relocate Mild High Club from Chicago to Los Angeles; this stuff needs to happen in the sunshine. Or on the blotter. Mild High Club taps into that hallucinatory ’60s moment when harpsichords roamed the land, slinky guitar runs wrapped themselves around altered frontal lobes and giant caterpillars smoked hookahs of hash. The band’s debut album, the recently released Timeline, sounds like an unearthed reel that’s been baked

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MPMF Announces Iron & Wine among others

Cincinnati CityBeat's Midpoint Music Festival just released a second round of artists including Iron & Wine (check out the first artist announcement here). The festival takes place in various venues in Over The Rhine September 25-27 (FRI-SUN, as opposed to the previous THU-SAT format). Go...