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Dear You,

LZRPNY (laser pony) plays predominantly original music that consists of catchy melodies and harmonies, blues guitar solos, and dynamic songwriting with a tight, versatile, and talented rhythm section.  LZRPNY  has a unique sound, but will always stay true to its Rock Heritage.


ps. Listen here!! https://www.facebook.com/LZRPNY/app_2405167945


8th Annual AYE Music & Art Festival!

The AYE Music & Art Festival is a community festival and a celebration of art. Since 2006, Grasshopper Juice-related events have raised over $3,800 benefiting the American Cancer Society, WAIF 88.3, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, and Friends for Chris Walker.   This year they are...

The Heights Music Festival Recap

Wow! Once again The Heights Music Festival 2013 blessed our city with an outstanding weekend of musical entertainment.   The sweet sound of local music was in the air on Friday at the Heights Music Fest 2013 in Clifton. The Freebees kicked off the festivities at Rohs Street Cafe in front of a...

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