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Review: Lucius 

It’s rare I get to trot out the phrase “a transcendent experience,” but I’ve seen Lucius live at Memorial Hall in what is ostensibly an acoustic performance, and I’m hard pressed to come up with a phrase more apt that doesn’t stretch into hyperbole.

For Tegan and Sara, Everything Is Awesome 

Tegan and Sara haven’t always been the familiar, pervasive musical entity we know them as now. Although it seems like they’ve just arrived, almost out of nowhere, it might surprise those most familiar with their seemingly everywhere album, Heartthrob, that this Canadian duo has been doing this...

The Courtneys are Now the Cool Clique 

In The Courtneys, the musicianship is tight, the hooks are sharp and the song craft is dynamic. The band consists of Jen Twynn Payne... (Drums/Lead Vocals), Sydney Koke (Bass/Vocals) and Courtney Loove (Guitar/Vocals). The Courtneys exude sun drenched flying nun influenced pop with sweet licks...