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Brainchild of Luke Pace-Scrivener, Kumasi is a band that serves the song. Surrounded by veteran multi-instrumentalists, the group serves up what it calls "Avant-Pop" - catchy and memorable melodies surrounded by psychedelia, rock, jazz, and whatever other textures "fit".Members:Luke Pace-Scrivener (The Terrors): Keys, Guitar, Drums, VocalsDonovan Schlunt (The Ohms, BATCB, Noctaluca): Guitar, Bass, VocalsAaron Disney (Talkmouth, Free Sophia): Drums, Synths, Samples, Guitar, VocalsBen Cochran

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Video Interview: Kumasi 

Kumasi sat down with Travis Brandner to discuss the focus of Kumasi, their new EP, and what they love about the Cincinnati Music Scene.  Video presented by Travis Brandner Photography.

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