Jonathan Jackson + Enation

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Jonathan Jackson + Enation are an anthemic American rock band with a Euro/Rock flare. Their music has been featured on, ‘One Tree Hill’, and ‘General Hospital’, as well as made it into the Top National iTunes Alternative charts. 


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A live performance review: Jonathan Jackson

One often finds out, that those who can act very well, can also sing. The attendees of last Thursday’s performance were rewarded with a moving and energetic live set @ Madison Live from Jonathan Jackson + Enation.  Jackson performed his biggest hit to date “feel this” and...

Jonathan Jackson + Enation at Madison LIVE Tonight

Jonathan Jackson is a five-time Emmy Award winning actor who can be currently seen on the ABC primetime drama Nashville. On Nashville,  Jonathan plays Avery Barkley, an up and coming singer-songwriter trying to make it in Music City.  Along with acting, since 2004 Jonathan has also been...