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An Idiot’s Guide To Anarchy: Ill Poetic’s Timely, and Timeless, New Album 

Cincinnati ex-pat and all-around music geek Ill Poetic returns home with a new record in tow.

Interview: Ill Poetic 

This weekend Cincinnati welcomes an array of Hip-Hop icons (Atmosphere and Nas, anyone?), local, regional and international. While the draw might be some of the larger acts - indie Hip-Hop, all told, has some incredible, intense and ultimately hard acts to follow – it’s one local act in...

Ill Poetic Returns to Cincinnati 

Ill Poetic, a man who established his musical roots here in Ohio, triumphantly returns to perform cuts from his new EP, The Silhouette Project at Urban Artifact on April 29 as part of The Silhouette Tour. This new effort is a five-track record and short film around the song...

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