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Horsecop is a three piece pop-punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio throwing back musical stylings to the Lookout! pop-punk era of the 90s, with hooks and melodies you'll be trying to force out of your brain for days. Formed in 2010 in the dingy basements of Clifton Heights Ohio, Horsecop's tongues are tightly jammed in their cheeks as they call us out on our own first world BS complaints. All the while a celebration of their appreciation for the simple things in life; pizza, drinks and general

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The Heights Music Festival Recap

Wow! Once again The Heights Music Festival 2013 blessed our city with an outstanding weekend of musical entertainment.   The sweet sound of local music was in the air on Friday at the Heights Music Fest 2013 in Clifton. The Freebees kicked off the festivities at Rohs Street Cafe in front of a...

The Heights Music Festival Preview

The Heights Music Festival is invading Clifton tonight and tomorrow. The Heights has been a staple music festival within our city since 2009. Local talent from every music genre will be showcased so come out and see what our city has to offer. Not sure how to plan out which bands to see? Get our...

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