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Ethicist are a Cincinnati, Ohio based group formed in the fall of 2012. Beginning as a three-piece, the band assembled a hand-full of songs in early 2013 and decided on the four tracks that would comprise their limited, self-titled cassette. Released on And Recordings in May of that year, the debut gave glance at the group's sound equilibrium, balancing blackened post-metal and psychedelic atmospheres with driving, broken tone subtleties. After recording the tracks for their second record,

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And The Nominees Are…

The nominees for the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards have been announced! The 19th annual CEAS’s will be held on Sunday, January 31st at Madison Theater.  The Cincinnati Entertainment Awards is THE event to attend to support our local music community. One night of the year that everyone...

IRONFEST VI Lineup Released!

The lineup for IRONFEST VI at The Southgate House Revival November 13 & 14 has been released!  Amplinecougar aceSubsetsDandelion DeathhoneyspidersDraculassmoke signals cover fire the dopaminesscissorkick rituals dc planet New Strange crooked rook Hide cadaver dogs the skulx the story...

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