Dead Fame

US indie rock band Dead Fame take many of their cues from post-punk bands such as Wire, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, and New Order, with influences from music produced during the New Wave movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. By adding a contemporary pop twist to elements inspired by ambitious and sometimes darker ethos, Dead Fame appeals to listeners looking for both lyrical and challenging melodies, as well as those who relish in electronic club beats. Dead Fame started in 2009 as a project

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If You Miss the Warehouse, You Need to Go See Dead Fame

Somewhere, somehow, everyone has an inner goth. I'm serious: there is inevitably a time in everyone's life when dark, gloomy, post-punk synth is appealing. It's more often for some of us than others. Me? I haven't been comfortable in my own skin since 1988. Pass me some Dead Fame. Having caught...