Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons

Old Believer \ Ōld bǝ-l ēvǝr\ n 1 : one who has been through a lot in their life and hasn’t lost hope 2 : one who doesn’t feel cynical and still feels connected to the world that we’re living in but is wise enough to know a thing or two about it 3 : OLD SOUL Cory Chisel is an old believer. You can hear it in his music – there’s a wisdom beyond his years in that voice. You can see it in his story – the son of a preacher, sheltered from pop music, raised on hymns and Johnny

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Murder By Death Headline Taft Theater Ballroom at MPMF ‘13

While maybe not as ominous as they’re name might indicate, Murder By Death is not a band for the faint of heart. Often brooding, soaked in whiskey, and enigmatically and entertainingly anachronistic, Murder By Death turn old concepts of good and evil into often chilling, mysterious aural...