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Codachrome, born Michael Guarente, is a 28-year-old indie electronic artist and producer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. By age 9, he had learned piano and was composing original pieces for recitals. During his early 20s, he developed a love for the ethereal and rhythmic, listening to electronic, hip hop, and jazz artists from Empire of the Sun to RJD2 to Steely Dan.At age 23, he founded OceanEcho, a piano rock group featuring a stripped-down 3 person group featuring intricate pop-rock compositions

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Get to Know New Local Artist: Codachrome

Codachrome is a new solo project for Michael Guarente. Having been in the band OceanEcho, Codachrome goes in a new musical direction. The recently released Anticline – EP was composed, produced, preformed, and recorded in Guarente’s home studio and he put his heart and soul into the EP. 

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