Casual Participant

  • Local
  • rock
  • alternative
  • folk

Casual Participant is a focus on individual thought, non conformity, and following that feeling in your gut. It’s a plea for kindness, melody, and harmony. Anchored by family, healing, and a strife for growth. Actually it’s just a band. Here’s who’s in it:

Tommy Cappel- guitar, bass, vocals, keys

Michael Hensley- vocals

Joe Mitchell- vocals, cello

Mark Becknell- drums

Travis Talbert- pedal steel, guitar


  • Review

Album Review: Casual Participant

These Casual Participant fellas are comprised of Tommy Cappel (guitar, bass, keys, vocals), Michael Rendell Hensley (vocals, and artwork), Joe Mitchell (vocals, cello), Travis Talbert (pedal steel, guitar), Mark Becknell (drums), Dusty Bryant (piano). A supergroup of local troubadours who have all been in or are in bands together, recorded with each other, and have been doing this music thing for a good long while to sum it all up.

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