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These guys come on like a fiery chariot through the streets or some kind of rock n' roll colossus. That big beat kicks in. The guitars are a symphony of dinosaur howls. Square wave and rock organs trumpet through the air. The singer's all lost in freakout. Kinda Mick, Iggy, and Brando when he started to lose his shit. Like all of those great rock bands, they look like some street gang you secretly want to join.They got the desert rock riffs. The beards always nod in rhythmic approval. They got

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What to do this weekend :: June 1, 2012 

This weekend marks the start of the Midpoint Indie Summer Series and Beats Summer Concert Series at Fountain Square! If you are unfamiliar with some of the artists playing at these events then you have no excuse to not check it out, it's free! There are plenty of other options this weekend. Check...