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The guys in Cincinnati, Ohio quintet, Armslength, get their name from a Moving Mountains song. The pop-punk/rock outfit are not idolaters, however. Armslength just appreciate the scene that has nurtured them to the point where they are at now (which is at the brink of breaking though). Armslength may not be flashy, but the guys make music that is honest and pointed; basically, everything you want from a pop-punk band.


Armslength to Play to Eager Crowd

On July 25th, at Rohs Street Café, 5 bands are set to take the stage for what promises to be a supremely fun night of some of the best post-rock, emo, rock, and pop-punk to hit the town in quite some time.  Even with New Jersey’s Prawn headlining the show, Cincinnati’s Armslength will play to...

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