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MPMF Preview: Joseph Arthur Lyrics Will Draw You In

MPMF Preview: Joseph Arthur Lyrics Will Draw You In

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Discovered by Peter Gabriel and from Akron, OH , singer/songwriter and indie folk artist, Joseph Arthur will be performing on Friday at the main stage in Washington Park.


When I first heard Jo’s music, his lyrics jumped out at me. I love his words, love his music. It’s great to see some of his best written work assembled. His words rattle and rumble and prise open the cage.
—Peter Gabriel, musician

Arthur has released 11 EPs and 7 studio albums, including his most recent on Lou. Lou is an album he released where he did renditions of some of Lou Reed’s songs. Because of his own renditions of the songs, he kind of gives off a different meaning to music. This is especially in “Walk on the Wildside” where he gives off a softer tone and makes his audience be drawn to the lyrics more.

To see Arthur perform live, click here. Tickets are $27 and the show starts at 6 p.m. can enter to win a pair of 3 day passes to MPMF HERE