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Soul Powerhouse The James Hunter Six to Play MPMF

Soul Powerhouse The James Hunter Six to Play MPMF

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Englishman James Hunter burst onto the scene with his U.S. debut People Gonna Talk in 2006, topping the Billboard Blues chart, earning a Grammy-nomination, and attracting universal acclaim from critics and his fans. 

Over the last decade, he’s toured extensively around the world on the club, theatre, and festival circuits, steadily growing a dedicated audience comprised of hardened gig-goers, old-school baby boomers, and young hipsters alike.  His follow-ups The Hard Way and Minute By Minute (GO/Fantasy), further cemented Hunter’s reputation as a soul powerhouse, heralded for his talents both as a live performer and perhaps even more so as a songwriter, with The New Yorker describing his “tight, taut compositions” as “rooted in American soul music without being bound to it.”

Now Hunter is back with his fourth album, Hold On! marking his debut on Daptone Records, America’s premier soul imprint and Hunter’s second collaboration with famed producer Gabriel Roth aka Bosco Mann.  It also marks a cumulative and consecutive total of 48 original songs written exclusively by Hunter, without resorting to a single covered recording. At age 53, Hunter feels he has finally found his home for making music. 

Hunter has worked tirelessly on the road and in the studio, honing his craft. However Hold On! is something deeper than just another notch in his belt.  From the driving stompers, to the bubbling rumbas, the record drips with the rawness and feeling that Daptone fans have become accustomed to, and cuts straight to the soul of the man who James Hunter fans have come to love.  It is truly an artist’s vision come to fruition. 

Catch The James Hunter Six at MPMF on Friday, September 23rd

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