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Lucy Dacus Doesn’t Want to Be Funny at MPMF

Lucy Dacus Doesn’t Want to Be Funny at MPMF

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Lucy Dacus is just the right mix of southern soul and witty pop. Dacus is a singer/songwriter whose solo tunes have evolved into twangy indie rock slow-burners with help from the rest of her talented quintet. She began writing mostly for herself, but met up with like-minded players in Richmond, Virginia who helped flesh out and grow her skeletal demos.

Dacus is a soft-spoken, in-the-moment kind of player whose lyrics are open-ended but biographical. She possesses an acute observational focus, one that gifts her with the ability to tell stories that resonate with thoughtful universal truth.

Lucy Dacus's No Burden is full of surprises—sharp lyrical observations, playful turns of musical phrase, hooks that'll embed themselves in your frontal lobe for days. But the most surprising thing about this album might be the fact that it's a debut; it has a keen sense of self about it, and it nearly glows from the self-possession held by the woman at its core.

Catch Lucy Dacus at MPMF on Saturday, September 24th!

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