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Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati: Maggie Curtis

Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati: Maggie Curtis

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Maggie Curtis is currently the Marketing Manager at our beloved Bogart’s. In the past she has worked as Marketing Coordinator at Nederlander Entertainment as well as the Entertainment & Programming Manager at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

How have we had such amazing events at various venues over the years in our city happen? Oh, that’s because Maggie was behind a number of them. She does the legwork to bring them to town and gets the word out to the rest of us.

We sat down with the self proclaimed shameless Maggie Curtis about being a Woman Behind the Music in Cincinnati.

What prompted your career in programming and marketing?
A long time ago, back when the St. Pete Times Forum was actually called that, I started an internship in marketing & sponsorship with the Arena and the Tampa Bay Lightning. While I was a sports management & business admin major in college, I initially took the position to dive into the wonderful world of sports. Little did I know at the time, in the world of Arena marketing, sports, concerts and family events are closely knit. After working my first concert in that Arena, U2, I knew it was something that I had a passion for. 

Having been in programming and marketing for the Cincinnati Market for some time, what is the one event you put together that made all of your hard work truly worth it?
It’s hard to narrow it down to one event. There have been a ton of highlights for me in my career in Cincinnati.  I think the biggest takeaway that has been most rewarding is working with bands as they climb the ladder to fame, working with them at the peak of their success, and continuing the support as they work their way back down. I am lucky enough to have had the chance to be a part of the full evolution of musicians – and that makes the long hours and hard work worth it.

As a woman behind the music in Cincinnati, do you feel that your gender has ever hindered your path? Do you feel that you have to work harder to get your voice heard?
Despite having a few gender conscience run-ins with some tour managers while working shows, I believe I have been very lucky in the fact that I don’t feel my gender has ever hindered my path in music in Cincinnati. I have had the pleasure of reporting to men and to women, and in each instance, have felt as though I am being heard. I have a great deal of respect for all those whom I have worked with, as I know that not every woman has had the same great experience as I have had.

What women in music (or behind the music) do you admire? 
While I do admire those who have the bravery and talent to take the stage, I most admire the slew of women who are behind the scenes of music, the agency leaders, the people that without, there would be no awareness brought to those talented individuals. There are too many women I idolize to list, but these women are innovators, creators, and without whom the industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

What do you want people to take away with them when they think of you?
That I’m proud of the work I’ve accomplished, that I love this city and that I work hard to promote music within our city – which is why everyone should come to Bogart’s to see a show! Did I mention I’m shameless? 

March is Women’s History Month, in celebration, will be featuring important women behind the music scene in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is the home of so many amazing women within the music industry. These women include; a Venue Owner, a well known DJ, Educators, the First Lady of Cincinnati Music, an Assistant Program Director, Writers, Photographers, and a beloved fan.

Stay tuned to for our Features on these talented women this month!