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Aussie Duo Big Scary Playing MPMF

Aussie Duo Big Scary Playing MPMF

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Big Scary is an Australian musical duo formed in Melbourne in 2006, by Tom Lansek, and Joanna Syme. The story of Big Scary began in Melbourne, Australia, where duo Tom Iansek and Jo Syme, armed with just acoustic guitars and egg shakers, started playing songs together in the living room of Syme’s parents' house, gradually working up to a bolder, more expansive sound. What began as a few rainy day acoustic ballads in their first incarnation soon grew, and before long, the newly named Big Scary were writing anything they pleased — fuzzed-out garage rock; piano-led pop; intricate, pastoral instrumentals — each imbued with an effortless pop sensibility and lightness of touch that would quickly see the duo attract a strong following in their home country.

2012 saw Big Scary take its first small steps onto the world stage — earning further underground acclaim via a self-funded North American tour that saw Tom and Jo play SXSW, CMW, and CMJ, impressing whatever audiences happened upon the versatility, lovable magnetism, intelligent songwriting and dynamic live performances that make up the band's riveting shows.

The pair have been spending a great deal of their time working on new material for their upcoming album, and are currently putting the finishing touches on what is set to be another forward-thinking journey into one of the most inventive and challenging pop acts in recent years. As frontman/producer Tom Iansek said of the song, "it's moving back towards Jo and me as a band and the dynamic between us. It's refocusing on the duo. With this has come a lot of stripping back of the non-essential, using less to create more. Using new and unfamiliar textures but keeping the performance firmly grounded in that of two people playing." Drummer Jo Syme added, "it's a quirky, three-minute pop song — obnoxious sax stabs dance with the bass, and the simple parts slot in around each other with little rhythmic tricks."

They just released this fantastic new video for their new single “Organism”. The grooving, rhythm-driven track is the first new music fans will have the chance to hear since the US release of their Australian Music Prize-winning full-length, Not Art, in January 2014.

Don’t miss Big Scary at MidPoint Music Festival on Friday, September 25th at The Drinkery at 7:15p!