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Willow Tree Carolers are Ready to Shake the Roof of Madison LIVE

Willow Tree Carolers are Ready to Shake the Roof of Madison LIVE

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Willow Tree Carolers are a folk, roots, and americana band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have taken their vast array of influences put them in a blender, added a cherry, and came out with the Willow Tree style. asked the band to play our 3rd Anniversary Party / Photo Exhibition this Friday at Madison LIVE. We were thrilled when they agreed. We sat down with the band prior to the show to get to know the foot stompin’ group better…

How did Willow Tree Carolers come to be?
Josh Sparks and Brandon Martin, who are cousins, got together about 2012, and started playing some songs together. Around 2013, Josh asked his brother David to join, and Brandon asked his long time friend Katie Beckstedt to join as well. Then in September of 2014, Moose had an artist in residence at the Crow's Nest. He asked us Carolers to be a part of it, and we did. After the show however, he asked Josh and Dave if they would like an upright bass player. They said sure, and as Katie says, "It's like a musical force brought us together." 

How did the selection of the band name come about?
There are a couple versions of this and all versions, that I (Moose), have heard center around that Brandon literally walked into Katie's basement for band practice and she randomly shouted "WILLOW TREE CAROLERS!" Brandon said that's cool, and both Dave and Josh thought so as well. Not very exciting, but they were going through other names like Sparks Family Pig Roast and there are others…I just cannot remember them. 

What can one expect at a live Willow Tree Carolers show?
What can be expected at WTC show is a foot stompin, hootin & hollerin, sing a long, whistle a long, roof shakin, get up and dance, good time! We've taken our influences whether it is locally, nationally, or from decades ago and come up with our sound that is unique to us. We like to simply, just have a good time and share our passion of music with you all. 

What is next for Willow Tree Carolers?
Up next for us is all kinds of great shows. We are going down to the Red River Gorge for four days, renting a cabin and recording our CD. With a plan to release on May 23rd in cooperation with Eli from Eli's BBQ, if long as all goes to plan. We have plenty of shows coming up as well. 

Opening for some friends such as; Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle, The Great Wide Open (Dayton), Lonesome Jared, and of course Young Heirlooms on March 20th. Plenty of opportunities to come, as we are trying to get out of town as well. We will be heading up to West Virginia on June 6th, going to a festival in Kentucky on May 16th, and Dayton on May 2nd. Just trying to keep busy by playing anywhere and everywhere for anybody and everybody. 

Willow Tree Carolers will have their first EP available on Friday! Artwork on the EP by the amazing local artist, Beth Brackmann. Anniversary Party / Photography Exhibit
Friday March 20th
Madison LIVE
Young Heirlooms
Willow Tree Carolers

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7p Doors / 8p Show