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The Almighty Get Down Give a Strong Whiff of Mojo

The Almighty Get Down Give a Strong Whiff of Mojo

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How does one not feel a little curious when they hear of a band named The Almighty Get Down?  I think we can all agree that getting down is generally enjoyable, and almighty sounds like a pretty top-shelf superlative.  My hopes were set high.  I reached out to The Almighty Get Down for a sampling of their music and was connected to a 2014 LP entitled, “People, This Is the Almighty Get Down”.  

My journey began with “Hell Today”.  It was funky.  I bit my lip.  My backbone slid.  I caught a strong whiff of mojo and it was delicious.  Just as I started digging through the back hall closet for my dad’s old leather jacket from 1974, the next track began.  A few seconds into “Holding Down” my groove got silky with a touch of grit, like hot gravy on a funky biscuit.  All the way through to the end of the album I heard a range from head bobbers to dance grooves, ending up with the ballad-like “Superfriends”.  I’m sure you are asking yourself how a funk band can write a ballad.  Do not doubt The Almighty Get Down.  They nailed it.  Track after track I got down, alright.  The Almighty has all power, whether it’s a wall of horns lined up in power chords, the driving backline, or string licks bending and reverberating just so.  Right in the center of it all are powerful, soulful, confident vocals.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed answers.  I called up The Almighty Get Down to ask what it all means.

Daniel Van Vechten: Your funk is not faked. How did you get to be so funky?
The Almighty Get Down: By getting comfortable enough with the stillness that we made it laugh, all our songs are just that sped up or slowed down a bit.

DV:  How does one's get down become mighty?
AMGD: When one realizes that they don't owe payments on it anymore.

DV: Please introduce the badassery filling my sound system right now.
AMGD:  People, this is, other people."  The long form answer?  Willy Morren: Wild frontman, guitarist, and singer;  Jon Lattier: Purveyor of thunderous bass lines, powerful stage presence, and bombastic chops;  Brad Grawe: Keeper of the never faltering drum groove;  Thomas Elipoulos: Tickling Ivory, Cushing organ keys, and soulful harmonica work;  Brian MOUNTAIN: On the Slide Trombone;  Mac Clenney: Screaming trumpet lines and sultry background vocals;  Jeff Demaree: Exlporer of Saxaphonic frequencies and venturer into the unknown lands of the audience!

DV: The CD stopped five minutes ago and I can't go on. What do I do now?

AMGD: By the end of reading this sentence you will be cured.

I sure hope not. I’m a complicated man.  Ain't no one understands me like The Almighty Get Down. When I get the fever for funk, the Get Down will be my prescription.

Catch The Almighty Get Down MPMF set Thursday at Mainstay Rock Bar at Midnight!