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Strand of Oaks at MOTR Tonight

Strand of Oaks at MOTR Tonight

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Strand of Oaks' - aka Tim Showalter's - Dead Oceans debut HEAL has been hailed as "moving [and] emotionally harrowing" by Pitchfork as well as praised by NPR as the "perfect windows-down song" and one of their 50 Favorite Songs of 2014 (So Far). Strand of Oaks are touring with a full band including drummer Mike Sneeringer of the War on Drugs and Kurt Vile. They have made waves with a stunning live show. Philadelphia City Paper said they "brilliantly blasted out the future of rock," and Phawker added that Tim "performed like a young Springsteen blessed with Tom Verlaine's hands and hopped up on a case of Redbull."

We were lucky enough to sit down with Tim Showalter prior to the show at MOTR tonight!

How did Strand of Oaks come to be the band it is today?
Trial and error and hard work.  Just always being on the brink of losing my mind but still moving forward.  I only know how to make music.  I'm useless in all other forms of life most of the time.
How did you come up with your band name?

Honestly I have no idea anymore.  It was so long ago.
Tell us about your songwriting process…
 It's always changing.  For HEAL I just destroyed all the rules I used to give to myself and did whatever I wanted.  It was so liberating.

What has been the most memorable experience of your career thus far?
We just played Seth Meyers this week and getting a text from my dad saying how proud he was meant the whole world to me. 
What is next for Strand of Oaks?
Tour forever then make more records.