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Will Clayton

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Cincinnati's premier music resource website is one year old today, and we couldn't be happier about the response from our local scene! Throughout the past year, we've made new friends and connected thousands of people to local music. launched to much fanfare on January 16, 2012 after over a year of planning. We set out to not only create comprehensive concert listings and centralized band profiles, but to invigorate our music community and help its members be more successful. Our primary goals are to:

1. Showcase our vibrant music community to those that live in Cincinnati,

2. Help guide local musicians into meaningful careers,

3. and Help attract more touring artists to Cincinnati by exposing our strong music community and increasing awareness about new artists.

We think that we have been supporting these goals with everything we've done so far, and we'd like to thank everyone who has dropped us a note or was excited to discover us at the inaugural Bunbury Festival. Your support will fuel us through 2013 as we continue to improve ourselves.

Rock on,

Ian, Nathan, & Courtney

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